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This workshop will be held at
Trinity College in Dublin

The workshop is organised by QUIPROCONE, the European Network of Excellence for QIPC ( and hosted by Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

The workshop aims to embrace all QIPC research areas and will include an open public lecture on the general area. (Further details will appear on the conferences section of the QUIPROCONE web site in due course)The format of this workshop will be similar to that of the 2nd QIPC Workshop held in Torino during October 2001.

This page will be updated within the next few weeks to include the agenda, speaker information and abstracts plus all relevant logistical details.

AM - Arrivals

European RTD Projects and/or Working Groups will be free to use the
afternoon for informal project/WG meetings

Evening Reception to start Workshop proper

Session 1 - Atoms, ions and photons
Session 2 - Quantum Networking and Communication

** Evening Public Lecture ***

Session 3 - Condensed matter
Session 4 - Fundamentals (Algorithms, theory...)

Poster Session

QUIPROCONE Workshop Banquet - Dublin Castle

Session 5 - Hot Topics

Workshop will close at lunchtime


Organised by QUIPROCONE Hosted by Trinity College Dublin

Hot Topics/Poster contributions to the workshop are encouraged, particularly from the EC-funded QIPC research projects. Short presentations will be selected from these submissions for the Hot Topics session.

Workshop Planning Committee:
J. Twamley (Workshop Chair), T. Spiller (QUIPROCONE), P. Knight, F. De Martini, P. Lindelof, N. Luetkenhaus, H. Roehrig, M. Roetteler, T. Felbinger, P. Malinverni (EC), R. Dum (EC), G. Kalbe (EC), S. Hulbert (QUIPROCONE Administrator).